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What Makes the Best Squeezed LED Flashlight?

Squeeze LED flashlights do not run on batteries, that means it is ‘self powered’ or in other words, ‘human powered’. Apart from being perfect for home, camping trips, car etc., it is great equipment for an emergency. The body contains a squeeze handle which spins and generates electricity which charges the battery very quickly and produces light. These flashlights are

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Ready Belvoir Military Family Preparedness

You may not live in a disaster prone area. You may not know what disaster is but this does not mean you don’t need a survival tactic. For many people, when they hear survival, the first thing that comes to mine is disaster or conflict zones. However, each and every one of us doe struggle to survive on a daily

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Best LDS Emergency Resource on the Web


There is no church that worries about its members being prepared for disasters and changed in financial circumstances like the Church of Jesus Christ of the latter Day saints. Members follow guidelines from church leaders on how to prepare for those adverse conditions that are likely to come their way. To aid members become prepared with eases, a site like

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