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LDS Emergency Resources – First Aid Actions pt4

The next thing we want to do is we want to check for serious bleeding. Wherever serious bleeding occurs, there is a very simple way of stopping serious bleeding. That is called direct pressure. Your hand, the wound, direct pressure – better yet, your left hand, the wound, direct pressure. Better than that – a bandage, your hand and the wound, applying direct pressure to the wound. We used to have in the old days pressure blinds and those things – we don’t teach that anymore cause most wounds can simply be stopped by simply applying direct pressure to the wound.

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LDS Emergency Resources – First Aid Actions pt3

3 – we want you to follow a systematic route of trying to provide first aid and care to people. We want you to start where you stand – that’s one of the great rules of it. If there’s chaos starting to break loose, rather than “Okay, well I’m gonna go start over there and make my way back over here” – no, just start where you are and the make the sweep of what you need to do, whether it would be a residence, an office building, a school – whatever it is, our church building, start where you stand and work yourself in a systematic way so that you make sure that you encompass all of the areas where people might be.

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LDS Emergency Resources – First Aid Actions

The lecture is on Emergency First Aid. One of the things that happens in almost any first aid or emergency situation is that the people who we mostly rely on to take care of us, namely the EMT’s, doctors and nurses, probably will not be available during an emergency. If any of us remember Katrina or the after-effects of that, or if any major earthquakes that we had – the one thing that we noticed is that there are lots and lots of needs, but very few resources that go around. So one of the things we need to know is how to take care of ourselves and others in the event of an emergency.

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