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Wendy Dewitt — Food Storage Seminar Part 3 of 9. Possible Worst Case Scenario

The system that I have is based on a worst case scenario and that’s because I am a negative person. I am very positive but as I am doing that food storage, I am thinking “Well, what if there is an earthquake, what if there is a…”, all these ‘what ifs’, what ifs’ and finally said “Let’s just make it the worst case scenario – there is no electricity, there is no running water, no government is going to come and help me. I am on my own with my backyard and this is all I have got. Can I still do this?” and with this kind of a system, my family can not only survive but we are going to be eating chocolate brownies while we do it.

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Wendy Dewitt — Food Storage Tutorial Part 2 of 9. The System

Alright, the system I am going to show and the little booklet that you have got has everything in it that I am going to talk about. So, put down the pencils and pens and just enjoy the show because everything is in the booklet.

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Wendy Dewitt — Food Storage Tutorial Part 1 of 9. 10 Top Reasons

So, if your plan is to <>, that’s a really bad plan.

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