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Secrets For Long Term Food Storage that Others don’t Want you to Know

Secrets of Long-term Food Storage

Man: Good evening youtubers! I’m gonna step on a few toes in this video. Like that’s nothing new for me. You know those podcasters? Those survival podcasters that want you to think that their poo doesn’t stink? That they are helping you and that their way is the best way – that they know everything there is to know about everything! You know, the Yankee preppers, the survival podcasters, the Road Warrior – all those wonderful survivalists that tell you how to do food storage and prepare for the shit hitting the fan and all that – they’re big with these letters.

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Wendy Dewitt — Food Storage Tutorial Part 9 of 9. Inquiry and Response

Preparedness Seeds


You can’t get them anymore. I have checked for the last group. This is awesome. Helen had (inaudible) and you guys are all going to… That’s why I am going to say it because you can’t get them to stop making them. So, it’s just going to make everybody sad. Way to go, (inaudible). Yeah, really sad.

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Wendy Dewitt — Food Storage Seminar Part 8 of 9. Food Savers


We have a food saver here. How many of you have a food saver? How many of you are going to get a food saver? I guarantee (inaudible) is a real part where I put the (inaudible) into my food storage.

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