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LDS Food Storage Well Known Secrets pt 2

So the back of the closets is a great place to store food – it’s cool, it’s dark, it’s usually very well regulated temperature-wise. So the back of your closet is a great place to do it. Or the tops of your hallway closets – like the club closet in your house. There’s usually a space up there that can be re-shelved – put an extra space there to store things up there as well. If you don’t want something to be evident, you can put a little curtain on it so that it’s not immediately – so when you open the closet everybody will go “Why do you have 47 cans of the food that you eat?”

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LDS Food Storage Well Known Secrets pt 1

Today’s topic of discussion is Food Storage. Food storage is one of those things that has a far reaching and I can probably spend weeks talking about it, but today we just want to cover the basics. There are a couple of things that I want to share with you that I’ve learned and a couple of tricks – and you have my wife here to share some things that we’ve incorporated in our food storage.

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LDS Emergency Resources – Awareness to Self Reliability pt5

So here is the list of the 100 things that disappear first. So you should start on a list of this. Start with a water list – what do I need, what do I have, where am I deficient on that? Because in the event of an emergency or a disaster, you really don’t want to be out trying to buy these things. What you want to be going to the store and buying are the things that other people don’t buy. Right? I am in the process of making a list that will stick to the back of my door that if we have $50-$100 and we have to run to the store and buy stuff, this is the stuff we’re going to buy. The stuff I’m going to buy is not tuna and those kinds of things – I have all that. I’m not gonna buy rice, I have that. I won’t buy bread – I can make that. I’m gonna be buying the things that don’t store in the long term: Crisco, olive oil, mayonnaise – those kind of things, the things that don’t store for long term – those are the kind of things on my list if we had to go to the store to get.

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