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How to Build an LDS 72 Hour Kit?


LDS members have always been thought for a long time now to be always ready to move in the event of an emergency or how to be self reliant when personal situations change. Although most people have branded LDS as a doomsday church, today many are beginning to see the truth in the doctrine of self reliance and preparedness promoted

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LDS Emergency Resources | Podcast – 72 Hour Kits (1 of 4)

Tim Ferriss Case Study

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In this episode of LDS Emergency Resources, we talk about how to properly prepare and maintain a 72-hour kit. There are many elements of a 72-hour kits that often hard to understand. We attempt to help you better develop your emergency preparedness plan by helping you get a 72-hour kit.

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You will have access to all of the training courses, Bishop Storehouse resources (including full list of locations), church preparedness materials, scriptures & Quotes on preparedness, planning checklists & forms, and new video step-by-step tutorials on the best methods of emergency preparedness and food storage.


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LDS Preparedness 101: What You Need to Know About Emergency Kits

What You Need to Know About Emergency Kits What goes into emergency kits and where to get yours. Emergency kits are a must have for any disaster or…

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