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What Makes the Best Squeezed LED Flashlight?

Squeeze LED flashlights do not run on batteries, that means it is ‘self powered’ or in other words, ‘human powered’. Apart from being perfect for home, camping trips, car etc., it is great equipment for an emergency. The body contains a squeeze handle which spins and generates electricity which charges the battery very quickly and produces light. These flashlights are

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5 Mormon Food Canning Recipes to Die For


A popular doctrine among Mormons is that of storing food for rainy days. While storing certain foods may be easy, there are those that need proper storage techniques if they are stay long after storage. One method of LDs food storage that is used by many Mormons is that of canning. It is no secret that canned food has a

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10 Tips to Staying Calm During a Disaster


When we think of natural disaster; hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are the first ones to occur in our little minds which God has given us! And there are more; howling whimpering wind, flooding streets, trees fallen on roads and so on. Hurricane Sandy is the living example. And it is really hard when you are trapped in any of these

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