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Bishop Burton: It was a busy year with many opportunities to serve

In his address during the priesthood session of conference Presiding Bishop H. David Burton highlighted Church humanitarian endeavors of the past year.
Bishop H. David Burton
Expressing appreciation to individuals families quorums Relief Society and Young Women groups who are the good Samaritans of today Bishop Burton gave this report:
In 2007 Church humanitarian assistance responded to major earthquakes in five countries massive fires in six countries hunger and famine in 18 countries and flooding and severe storms in 34 countries. In total the Church and its members responded to 170 major events in 52 countries — nearly one event every two days for the entire year. It was a busy year with many opportunities to serve.
Bishop Burton added that thousands of public-health initiatives were undertaken during the year. Over 1 million people benefited from Church-sponsored clean water projects in 25 countries he said. More than 60500 people received wheelchairs in 60 countries…. In 11 countries over 54000 individuals now enjoy improved vision. Over 16500 health-care professionals were trained in infant neonatal resuscitation; they in turn will train many others. In a quest to eliminate measles 2.8 million children and youth in 10 countries received immunizations. The combined effects of these outreach endeavors directly touched nearly 4 million people in 85 different countries.
He spoke of an earthquake in August that killed 520 people and destroyed more than 58000 homes in southern Peru. In a marvelous display of love and concern each of the 29 stakes in Lima Peru provided basic assistance to ward areas in the devastated region.
Bishop Burton added that with missionary assistance a plan is under way to help rebuild homes and replace schools.
Responding to wildfires late last year in Southern California that displaced more than 1 million people and destroyed more than 1500 homes the Church provided cleaning kits blankets hygiene kits and food the Presiding Bishop said. Over 5000 Mormon Helping Hands (volunteers) and missionaries cleaned cooked comforted and cared for those affected.

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