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Basic LDS Emergency Preparedness Tips


Disasters can strike at any time. The key is to always be prepared. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints values the principle of self reliance and preparedness.  Individuals and families are strongly encouraged to develop their own LDS food storage strategy for emergencies.

Most LDS members are not as prepared as they should be even with the repeated warnings from scripture and the prophets about the destructive events that will occur in this lifetime.

 These few LDS preparedness tips should assist in making sure that you and your family are ready to face disasters as they strike:

  • Put in place your Mormon food storage strategy to have enough food to last more than a year. 
  • Include in your LDS emergency kits supplies for basic needs such as clothing, bedding, water, first aid and money.
  • Know how to respond in any emergency and help teach others how to use LDS emergency preparedness resources.
  • Develop with your family your LDS preparedness plan for natural or unnatural disaster. With this, LDS preppers can be sure to respond smartly and effectively during earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and other disasters.
  • Remember to secure  important documents safely.  Documents such as Birth Certificates, Passports, Baptismal Certificates and other records should be part of your LDS emergency kits.
  • Set up a working communication system for any emergency.  Your LDS emergency preparedness resources should include working telephones, radios and other communication devices that will help you before, during and after the disaster.

 How early should you initiate your LDS preparedness?  The answer, start now, a little at a time,  and with an early start, you can quickly put your LDS emergency preparedness resources together in 30 days or less. LDS preppers can also quickly and easily build their LDS preparedness system specific to their family’s needs.

 In the event of disasters, the Mormon church will also use its Bishops’ storehouses – similar to grocery stores – located worldwide to provide food and other household supplies. Humanitarian aid and food processing centers, adequately supplied with needed resources, will also assist during disasters and emergencies.

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