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LDS Preparedness 101: Avoiding Suffocation Hazards For Children

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Avoiding Suffocation Hazards For Children
Hidden Hazards in Every Home
Averting an emergency situation at home takes some planning and preparation, and identifying possible hazards in your home is the first step. If you have young children, you have to pay particular attention to potential suffocation hazards present in and around the home.

Plastic Bags Are Deadly
Keeping your baby or toddler out of danger should be a top priority if you’re a parent. There are several common items in our homes, though, that can pose suffocation hazards. Any bag in your home can pose a safety hazard. Plastic shopping bags that you get at the grocery store can become entangled around a curious toddler’s neck and restrict air flow. A toddler can die if it is breathing in recirculated air that is low in oxygen. Don’t keep any plastic shopping bags around your home if you have small children. You might consider investing in reusable canvas grocery bags and return them directly to your car as soon as you are finished using them so you will have them the next time you head to the grocery store.
Toy Chests Can Be A Child’s Worst Enemy
Toy chests are another hazard. Nearly every home that has children also has a toy chest, but toy chests can pose a suffocation hazard. Buy a toy chest that doesn’t have a lid. If you already bought a toy chest that has a lid, install a safety hinge so that you the toy chest will always be open. Make sure the toy chest has air holes in the back of it which can be helpful if for someone reason your child does get trapped inside.
Co-Sleeping Safety
If you have an infant, put your baby in a co-sleeping crib rather than your bed as the American Academy of Pediatrics warns that cosleeping is a hazard that can cause suffocation. There are a number of co-sleeping cribs available that attach to your bed and are safe for infants.
Appliance Hazards
Appliances are another suffocation hazard. If you have young children, install appliance latches on your wash and dryer to prevent an inquisitive child from getting inside. To a young child, a clothes dryer can look like a cozy hideaway.
The above tips are important for parents to keep in to prevent suffocation.
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