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As we have been Commanded… Prepare Thee – For Every Needful Thing

As we have been Commanded… Prepare Thee – For Every Needful Thing

For years leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have counseled members to have a year’s supply of food and other essentials, but why? You are probably wondering what exactly we should store, as well as how you might be able to afford to do so as well.

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of emergency preparedness is having a first aid kit. Obviously, they are an important part of emergency preparedness and we should all at least have a first aid kit for both our home food storage as well as 72 hour kits. Often times it can be helpful for you if you have a plan to include with your emergency preparedness kit that has a list of meals that can be made only from food storage items. This may help alleviate some of the stress involved with wondering if you have the essentials as well as anything that might be helpful to you and your family during difficult times.

One product that is helpful for food rotation and is perfect for organizing and rotating your canned food storage is the Cansolidator. You can adjust this to fit the width of each can in your food storage and then load new cans in the top and use the ones that rotate to the bottom. Keeping this stocked will ensure that you have the supply you need, but will give you the peace of mind that you are prepared if need be.

So, why should LDS church members have a year’s supply of food and water as well as a savings? One of the main reasons is because our Heavenly Father’s purpose is to provide for our needs as long as we walk in faith and obedience. He has a countless number of times commanded us to “prepare every needful thing” (D&C 109:8) so that if and when adversity comes we can care for ourselves and our neighbors as well as support our church leaders as they lovingly and selflessly care for others as well. We are not expected to give money when we are not able, but paying an honest and full tithe helps those in need and giving fast offerings are both ways to help those who are in need of a little extra help.

Church members are encouraged to prepare for adversity in life by having a basic supply of food and water and some money in savings. However, no one is expected to gather a year’s supply of food storage and other emergency preparedness items, church leaders ask that members be wise as they store food and water and build savings. There is no need to go to extremes, or to go into debt for that matter trying to establish food storage all at once. With careful planning you can establish a home storage supply and a financial reserve, just be patient and remember that it will take a little time. We need not take that to the other extreme, either, don’t procrastinate, just work little by little and remember ‘everything in moderation’.

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