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12 Emergency Preparedness Questions Everyone Should Know How to Answer

12 Questions Everyone Should Know How to Answer

You’ve heard the spiel and probably even taken the class—the one that shows you how to magically pack 3-days worth of food into a milk carton that will become your most prized possession in the event of an emergency. Flipping on the news you can even see how that little carton could take the edge off of tragedies like hurricanes and earthquakes occurring around the world.

But is it really just as simple as stockpiling non-perishable food in a milk carton, or buying a bucket-o’-preparedness at a retailer to make sure everything will be all better when disaster strikes?

Certainly the above are proactive steps, but if you want to know where you are on the emergency preparedness scale, start by answering the following questions…

  1. In event of an emergency do you know where to go and who, exactly, should meet you there?

  2. If you are unable to communicate by phone, how (or where) will you communicate messages?

  3. Do you have a 72-hour kit?

  4. Does the kit include any comfort foods or foods you actually enjoy eating?

  5. Do you have a 72-hour water supply (suggested amount is a gallon a day per person)?

  6. Does your kit include clothes for all seasons or do you rotate the clothes seasonally?

  7. Does your 72-hour kit include a First Aid kit?

  8. If you take any medications or have any allergies, are dosages of those medicines included?

  9. Are your kits and water easily accessible and easy to carry?

  10. Have you stored alternate shelter in an easily accessible location (tents, sleeping bags, etc.)?

  11. If you have a pet, is it included in your preparedness plan and is its food included in your kit? (Hint: experts are now suggesting that you evacuate with your pets knowing that pets will not be allowed in human shelters.)

  12. Can you prepare your food without the aid of a modern stove or oven?

Being able to answer the above questions is key to retaining some sort of confidence should tragedy occur. Granted, they’re not fun questions to ponder on, but they are empowering once answered.

Let’s say tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon while the kids are in school and adults are at work, a fire/flood/tornado/ earthquake strikes. Going home is not an option, everyone is told to stay either where they are or evacuate.

What do you do? What does your family do and how do you reconnect?

Many people, especially parents, can shy away from discussing subjects like this for fear of traumatizing their children. They imagine discussing in somber tones what the children should do if mom and dad are crushed by a falling ceiling or tagged by a stray power line.Not necessary.

As with all things including children, make it fun! Discuss locations for meeting places. Let them choose emergency meals and practice making them! Take them to a thrift store to buy snappy emergency clothes they will look forward to wearing should their closet be whisked away to the next county.

But involve the ones you love in the process of preparing. Make sure everyone can answer the 12 questions listed above. You won’t regret it!

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