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When disasters strike, many people suffer. Seldom does a day go by without news of natural disasters in various areas of the world, including earthquakes, floods, hurricanes or tornadoes. These unexpected occurrences create havoc for unprepared individuals, families and societies. Although natural disasters may not be avoided, proper preparation limits and curtails the amount of tragedy caused by these events. By preparing yourself and your family members for disasters, you can minimize the threat of additional losses during and after these tragic events.

Plan ahead for possible disasters. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you may already have a plant in place, but individuals everywhere should prepare for the unexpected. No location is entirely safe from disastrous events, regardless of whether those events are caused by natural events or by human intervention.

Communicate with family members, friends and loved ones before a disaster to ensure everyone has a plan in place. Encourage neighbors to plan for disasters by discussing possible scenarios and outcomes. Know how to get in touch with one another in the event of downed power lines and cell phone towers. Find out which individuals may require a place to go during an emergency and make sure they are aware of your plans. Be adequately prepared to provide assistance to others during times of need.

Make a checklist of all items you may require during an emergency, including food, water, medicines, medical supplies and supplies for your family pets. Take into consideration special items you might require. If in doubt, include additional and questionable items in your reserve to be on the safe side. It is much better to have more than you require than to find you need an item you neglected to include. Review your disaster plan regularly and make necessary adjustments as situations change.

Rotate stored items to ensure quality reserves of items, including food, medicines, water and perishable items. Gradually add to your reserves to guarantee adequate amounts of necessary items will be on hand when required.

Although the concept of a disaster can be a stressful subject to think about, knowing that you and your family are prepared brings peace of mind. Take the time and mental energy to address the possibility of an imminent disaster and encourage others to do the same. Correct preparation ensures your best possible outcome during a catastrophic event.

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